People, Lifestyle and Travel Photography

Hi, my name is Niels and I am a 21 year old medical Student. In my free time (of which I obviously don't have too much during the semester) I like to work as a photographer. 

I live in Rheinbach, Germany but I am not afraid to travel around to take the photos I like.

I started taking photos a few years ago. At first just to document holidays and to take photos of friends and family, but as I got better and better this changed quite quickly. 

Nowadays I have specialised in shooting portraits and events but work on personal projects as well.  If you enjoy my website I recommend to also check my Facebook-page to see the latest news. 

If you need photos of any kind taken for you or would like more information about a certain topic just click on the "Contact" button above and send me a request and I will see what I can do! 

Looking forward to hearing from you 

Niels Rudnik (NR-Photography)